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Pre-Purchase Surveys are more detailed than insurance surveys as the objective is to provide the potential buyer of the boat with as much information as possible about its condition prior to committing to the deal. A haul out of the vessel is essential for these surveys, many yards will provide a discounted ‘Lift and Hold’ service provided that the surveyor can be flexible with timings – I always endeavour to keep my customers costs down to a minimum.


The survey combines consideration of the boat’s structural soundness, safety, machinery, equipment, appearance, state of repair/maintenance along with an assessment of value for money.


These ‘Full Condition’ surveys incorporate visual inspections of:-


  Underwater Hull including Keel, Skin fittings, Rudder and Stern gear


  Topsides and Deck which includes Cockpit, Coach roof, Windows, Hatches, Hull interior, Deck         fittings and Ground tackle


 Mast, Boom and Rigging


  Machinery, Fuel and Water tanks, Gas and Electrical Installation (Oil Analysis Tests Optional)


 Equipment actually on board verified against that listed by the vendor/broker



This survey also includes, where applicable:- Moisture meter readings,

Ultrasonic metallic plate thickness measurement and percussion soundings

of hull and deck.


The report will also incorporate pictures and recommendations

where appropriate.


This survey is an independent, objective, critical appraisal of the craft condition and could result in the purchaser feeling that he may need to re-negotiate certain aspects of the contract to purchase.


My duty is to you, the customer - I am your surveyor.


As a guide to the cost of a Pre-Purchase survey here are a few examples:-


45’ Narrow Boat   £550.00

25’ Motor Cruiser £390.00

30’ Motor Cruiser £420.00


The report will conclude with a list of recommendations, conclusions and valuation.  


This report will be available within a maximum of 36 hours of the survey, in most cases a copy will be available for email within 12 hours, printed copy can be dispatched on request.


















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